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A platform designed just for gardeners is a platform that puts gardeners first. We are the UK’s leading marketplace for gardening services. We connect self-employed gardeners to local customers who need regular garden maintenance work.

1) You have complete flexibility, decide which jobs you do and when.

2) You can pick up just a few hours, or up to 40 hours per week.

3) A constant point of contact, our support team is always on hand to help explain the platform.

4) No leads, just jobs to claim from confirmed, paying customers!

Are you a self-employed gardener and want to find more customers local to you?

How Grab a Gardener Works

Find regular work near you

Our aim is to bring the work to you! We ensure that you have a constant stream of work for 12 months of the year. With 1000’s of customers signing up to our services each week, you won’t need to worry about marketing your business, we match you to local subscription customers and the gardens you enjoy working on!

Manage your workload through our app

We’re changing the way the industry works. No more quoting for jobs and waiting for replies, no more paying for “leads” and hoping to land a job! Our industry leading scheduling technology make’s sure you never loose a shift to bad weather, and maximises the work you can fit in.

“Our software means we save the average gardener over £480 a month in lost work due to bad weather or broken tooling” 

Just log on to our app, see the shifts local to you, claim the jobs you like, get paid. Simple.

Get paid online

Forget about fussing with cash or chasing payments. With Grabagardener the customer pays for the job when booking online. Our technology means no more invoicing every customer, once you complete the job you get paid direct into your bank account.

We keep it simple!

Our customers book everything from regular garden maintenance to landscaping work. Whether you’re a sole-trader or a larger company, Grab a Gardener matches you to local jobs already paid for. You’re in control of bigger jobs, so you quote for the work by carrying out a visit so you’re still earning the same as you would privately. We take care of everything else like payment, scheduling and logistics.

No leads, just paid work.

Unlike other online job platforms we don’t charge fees for job “leads” that don’t end up coming off. With us you don’t have to waste time quoting and hoping the customer “picks you”. When you claim a job on our platform, as we’re a marketplace the job has already been paid for! You just do the work, and get paid after the job.

“We are a marketplace that puts our gardeners first.”.

Get Certified!

We want to make gardening with us even more rewarding! That’s why when you reach certain milestones or deliver above and beyond expectations you can earn Grab a Gardener certifications and rewards that can really strengthen your own brand and reputation with customers!

Hear from our gardeners...

“Grab a Gardener helped me fill out a few days a week of extra work. The platform is so easy to use, it’s saved me so much time and effort in advertising my business. Once I signed up to the app I just started claiming jobs near me as they came in!”

Matt, Bath

“After working part-time on weekends with grabagardener I started getting enough work to quit my day job as a green-keeper and go self-employed full time. It’s given me independence to run my own business and build up my own network of regular customers.”

Robert, Surrey

“Grabagardener provides such a wonderful variety of work. I can fit it in around my personal life and they take care of all the scheduling, also not having to invoice is a real plus! The app means I can fit more work into the average week and it’s saved me hours in paperwork that I now spend with my family”

John, Reading

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How do I sign up?

To start finding work local to you, all you need are the following:

1)  Plenty of gardening experience

2)  Your own petrol tools and transport

3)  Your own public liability insurance

Apart from that, just a great positive attitude and a passion to grow your business! If you want to find out more, just hit the apply here button below!


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