As we were browsing some of the top gardening stories this week, we couldn’t help but notice one that really stood out!

This one is about a woman who found her engagement ring on a carrot…

But here’s the crazy part! It had been missing for over a decade!


The story starts back in 2004 in Camrose, Alberata in Canada. Grandmother Mary Grams, 71 at the time , was doing some gardening when she realised her engagement ring was suddenly missing! Somewhere amongst the flower beds she had spent hours weeding her engagement ring was now buried amongst the soil L. We can only imagine the pain! Poor Mary said that she cried for days after it happened, as she just couldn’t find it anywhere.


Fast forward 13 years…


Fast forward 13 years and the story starts to get a lot happier! Her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, was out harvesting carrots in the farm. The farm has been in the family for nearly 105 years! It was as colleen was rummaging around in the fresh soil that she said she suddenly felt something very peculiar.. a strangely shaped carrot that she almost threw to the dog to eat! For some reason something compelled her to not feed the dog and instead threw the carot in the basket with the others for cleaning.


Later on when she was washing the carrots she noticed the ring and spoke to her husband, Mary Grams’ son, about what she had found. She quickly called her mother-in-law Mary Grams and said “I said we found your ring in the garden. She couldn’t believe it,” Daley said. “It was so weird that the carrot grew perfectly through that ring.”

Mary Gram’s reaction


Mary Grams, 84, said she can’t believe the lucky carrot actually grew through and around the diamond ring she had long given up hope of finding. “I feel relieved and happy inside,” Grams said this week. “It grew into the carrot. I still can’t figure it out.”


Mary Gram’s first reaction was to quickly try her engagement ring on to make sure it still fit. With her family watching she washed the ring down and slipped it back on her finger. Apparently it slid on her finger as easily as it did when her husband gave it to her. “We were giggling and laughing,” she said. “It fit. After that many years it fits!”


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