Our Gardens are a Sanctuary


A new year often brings good intentions to make changes to our lives so this year, forget the latest diet and vow to make a difference in your garden! Our gardens are a sanctuary. They bring us joy and many happy memories, so they deserve to be kept on trend in 2018.

The new garden trends popping up from the industry experts encompass new ideas that even beginner gardeners can take forward as well as highlighting important environmental issues.

As we all dream of the sunshine and longer nights to spend outdoors, see below the hot trends that will be making an appearance across the nation’s gardens this year.


Outdoor Entertaining


No room for entertaining indoors? Expand your space by creating an outdoor entertaining area with comfy furniture, lighting, fire pits and BBQs allowing your guests to enjoy the surroundings and warm weather.

Create a central focus by going all out with a pergola with integrated drainage and heating to make cooking and entertaining outdoors much easier.

pagoda garden trends 2018

Posh Sheds

Sheds are usually used for dumping garden furniture, storing equipment and are a paradise for spiders however in a new garden trend for 2018; posh multi-purpose sheds are on the rise!

The ‘greenshed’ concept (half greenhouse, half shed) is a convenient way of meeting your storage and growing requirements in one whilst looking great in the garden.



David Attenborough has warned that the ‘natural world is in serious trouble’ with several species in a worrying decline. Creating a space that will help nature flourish and encourage wildlife back into gardens will assist in improving the population of troubled species. Ponds, compost heaps, miniature rockeries and native plants are great starting points to rewild your garden.

Bird House garden trends 2018




The trend towards leading a more plant based diet and rising food prices has helped the popularity of ‘growing your own’. From big allotments, right down to balcony herb boxes, the assurance of fresh produce at an economical price is appealing. If you’re a beginner, try starting with tomatoes, onions, mint or thyme.

grow your own garden trends 2018

Colour: Copper


Copper has been massive across interior design, and now its moving outdoors. Copper provides a wonderful contrast to wood and stone, giving any area an instantly updated feel.

copper garden pots garden trends 2018

Chameleon Plants

These are ground cover plants that may not be instantly attractive, but as their popularity grows many are seeing the beauty in their colour changing appearance. These sun-loving plants are not tricky to grow, rather they are quite fast growers with colours of yellow, red and bronze surrounding the green leaf.

chameleon plant garden trends 2018



A Japanese term which encourages people to see beauty in incompleteness and imperfection. Gardens don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, harmonizing nature and nurture is key so avoid letting your garden get out of control and overgrown. Think moss covered stones, peeling bark on trees, rusty iron ornaments and textured plants.

wabi sabi garden trends 2018


Limestone was a popular choice amongst gardeners used in exhibitions at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2017, making it hot for domestic gardens this year. Limestone is hard-wearing, so perfect for temperamental British weather and the mid-toned colour makes for a warm and inviting look.

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