Taking Advantage of April Showers

As we move further away from winter, the nights are shorter, the days are warmer and you could be forgiven for thinking that the good weather has finally arrived. However, keep those umbrellas at the ready, the UK has an average of 16 rainy days throughout April, and you can use the warmer weather and the steady rainfall to your, and your garden’s advantage.


A splash of colour

It’s time to start reintroducing colour into your garden after the bare winter months. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful flowers that flourish in the wet April climate.




Marigolds need full sun to flourish, so make sure they are south or east facing. April showers will help with growth, but make sure you keep an eye on these fast growers, and top up with a brief watering if necessary.





Most variety of snapdragons can be planted this month. They thrive in either sun or partial shade, but to keep them alive in the summer months they need plenty of water.



An easy way to introduce colour fast, and a favourite for bees and other garden visitors, wildflowers are quick growers and always a nice surprise to see what flowers. Wildflowers prefer warmer soil, so keep away from shady patches. Make sure they are watered regularly.

An April approved crop


If you’ve dedicated a patch in your garden to vegetables, or if you’ve just got some space available and no idea what to do with it, April is as good time to grow some salad stables.



Radish plants need a thorough and regular watering, failing to do so could cause the roots to split. Likes sun and shade, but not too much cold.




Too much warmth actually hinders growth. Lettuce prefers cooler temperatures and consistently moist surroundings. If we have too much of a gap between those 16 days of rain, make sure you keep the soil damp


A tasty addition to a meal, and a pretty addition to a garden. Coriander grows small, delicate white flowers. Plant in sun or partial shade, make sure they are watered, but not too much, and pick regularly to encourage growth and remove dead leaves.

April maintenance



Between rainy days, make sure you are also keeping your garden healthy. A lot of spring flowers come into their own in March and April but are not meant to last until May, so keep an eye of wilting or dead flowers and make sure you are trimming or removing.

Prune your shrubs, before they fill out with their summer growth. You may also want to thin the roots on any perennials you have.

Seeds and small creatures visiting your new plants will also attract birds. If necessary, think about bird proofing your garden. Protect your plants with netting, although make sure you don’t use anything a bird could get tangled in. Or resort to the oldest trick in the book and get the scarecrow out.

As always, if you have any questions relating to general garden maintenance or planting, just reach out to us #grabagardener on Twitter & Instagram or tweet us with us @grabagardener and one of our expert gardeners will get right back to you!

Don’t forget your umbrella and Happy Gardening!