What is Grab a Gardener?

Grabagardener.com is the UK’s No.1 rated on-demand service connecting local people to local gardeners. We match customers with local, fully insured, vetted & experienced gardeners, which you can book instantly online.

The UK loves gardening and we absolutely mirror that passion! So when the good weather finally arrives, it makes all the difference to spend time outside in a well maintained garden that you can be proud of. Whether you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to take care of the lawn, or would just like a helping hand so that you can focus on the finer pruning; whatever your gardening needs, we want to ensure your garden is your haven to enjoy.

Our Mission

Our mission at Grab a Gardener is pure and simple:

1) To help our customers have an outdoor space they can be proud of by instantly matching them with highly experienced, insured, trusted local gardeners.

2) To provide our hardworking gardeners with an easy to use platform where they can simply claim jobs that are local to them and provide them with a regular stream of work

3) And if the customer and gardener are happy we arrange for the same gardener to visit that customer every time…happy times!

Our Story


Grab a Gardener was founded in 2015 as result of years of trying to maintain just a small garden. Having lived the commuter lifestyle from various locations across the UK; Leeds, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Reading and London we found the existence of a common problem. In every location we moved to, being new to the area, it was almost impossible to find a trusted local gardener. In addition, being in rented accommodation year on year meant we would often be left with a garden to maintain and no tools to do it!

The final straw came when we were living in Reading; Nav a sales and marketing manager at Reuters was commuting to London everyday and Ant, a software manager for an oil company was commuting to Oxford. Both of us had minimal free time for gardening, and wanted to spend weekends relaxing or more likely doing the usual household chores like cleaning and shopping! Maintaining the garden always fell to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

After trying exhaustively for a year to find a gardener, we found there was not single website where you could book a local gardener instantly and very few gardeners had an online presence. The majority of gardeners would quote by approximately guessing the amount of work required and we found there was no consistency, we were quoted a huge variation of prices for a tiny lawn cut! The gardener we did finally decide on never showed up and so the search continued…

At this stage, we decided to take it upon ourselves to solve this problem and develop Grab a Gardener. With the aim of trying to help people like us who don’t have the time or local knowledge to find a gardener at a reasonable price; and match them with gardeners who could benefit from having some form of online presence and easily access job opportunities in their local area rather than leaving the whole process to fate!

We hope that our experience and tale of despair has the outcome of making your life much easier as we have now taken on this problem for the whole nation and have found a great solution!

If you’ve got any questions at all please get in touch either through the live chat window, email us at info@grabagardener.com, call us at 0333 305 7633 or follow us on Twitter @grabagardener, Instagram or Facebook for all the latest updates!